Sell & Buy

  • Many people sell and buy item online, through an account at Souq Express website. You can buy and sell stock through a full-service directly, with no commission of the website.

    Buyer Instructions

    Dear Buyer, please be informed to contact seller before doing any payment, to ensure that the product is exactly what you need. You may ask him via Seller (Vendor) contact form.

    Read the description of the item carefully. Make PayPal payment as it is the only method in the Souq Express website to buy and sell items through it. After payment you will receive an email containing all information related payment.

    You will have a buyer protection which is about 6-months from receiving product.

    Then you will have the opportunity to review product and to recommend it for other people.

    Seller (Vendor) Instructions

    Dear Seller, please upload the full description of your product(s) on the Souq Express website, you will have a short description and full description, you need to add most important information in the short description e.i: (brand new or used item) while other information, you can add it in the full description title.

    Add your PayPal email to receive your payment directly, we will have 5% commission for digital product(s) / 5% commission for physical product(s) on the payment process until this moment and we will let you know when there is a commission on payment process by a formal email or by a pop-up advertisement on the Souq Express.

    You can sell a service or item which can be physical or/and digital products and it should be actual not fake.

    Note. If we discovered that you advertise a fake product on Souq Express website, we will hold all payments to the Souq Express account. In addition, your will be no able to sell on the Souq Express website. Furthermore, we will report to PayPal website to close your account there. Therefore, we hope that you are a good person in a good place. 

    If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected].

Last updated 25-10-2019